A Message from Sheriff Mike Allen

Sheriff AllenWelcome to the official website of the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center. The men and women of the department who serve and protect you on a daily basis are proud of their accomplishments and hope this site will provide you with an overview of our operations and assist you in keeping up with current events.

Our mission statement is to protect and serve the citizens of Crittenden County through the fair and just delivery of community policing services in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of performance within the law enforcement profession. Consistent with our mission…the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department and Detention center are dedicated to performing their duties using proven best practices and demonstrated professional excellence to provide responsive service while serving the needs of the citizens residing within our jurisdiction.

The Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department is committed to reducing crime in all sectors of our County. We work in close partnership with the community, city and government leaders, and other law enforcement agencies to attain this goal.

Only through an open exchange of information can we provide the highest and best service to our citizens. We know that building and maintaining the community’s trust is the key element to abating crime in our county. No amount of technology can replace the value of citizens sharing information with their local law enforcement agency.

We will strive to keep this site up-to-date with the the latest information of interest to you. We want you to visit the site often, and welcome your feedback. Please feel free to share your concerns, interests, or suggestions with us.

Mike Allen