Q:  How to file an appeal (Standard & Indigent)?

A1:  Standard Appeal:  Make contact with A. Branstetter or M. Clark (870-702-2051) to obtain the proper paperwork to file a standard appeal.  They will give you the next step to get the appeal filed.  Once you have gotten the correct paperwork to the appropriate courts they will let you know the amount to file the appeal.

A2:  Indigent Appeal:  The Inmate will need to request an indigent appeal or forma pauperism packet (contact A. Branstetter or M. Clark (870-702-2051).  There is a $20 per page transcript fee that has to be paid at the appropriate court.  Once forms and transcripts are complete the packet can be filled into Circuit Court. The Judge will determine if the Inmate is indigent or not at this time.  A bond of $3,000.00 will charge will be set and a court date will be issued.  A professional bond will have to be made before the Inmate is released.

Q:  How can I get a Time Payment?

A:  Make contact with the appropriate court to see if the Inmate qualifies for a Time Payment and the qualifications.

 Q:  What are the qualifications for a Signature Bond, Citation, and/or Own Recognizance Bond?

A:  The Inmate cannot be

  • Charged with a violent charge
  • Be a repeat offender (have more than 3 arrests within the last 3yrs)
  • Charged with drug related charges
  • Charged with any DWI charges

Q: How do I send a detainee a letter? 

A: Address the letter to the detainee:

  •  John Doe
  • c/o Crittenden County Sheriff Dept.
  • 350 Afco Rd.
  • West Memphis AR. 72301

 A complete return address must be used, including First and Last Name:

  • Jane Doe
  • 101 My St.
  • My Town, AR 11111

Q:  What can I bring to the detainee?

A: We allow:

  • Money orders
  • Prescription glasses (that have been pre-approved by our medical staff)
  • Medications (that have been pre-approved by our medical staff)

Q: When will a detainee be transported to prison or by Immigration?

A: For the safety of the transporting officers, we cannot give out any information about when a detainee is being transported to or from our facility.

Q: Can I pick up a detainees property?

A: Yes, you need to come to the Detention Center with a photo ID. With the detainee’s authorization, we will release only his personal items. Clothing will not be released unless inmates are sentenced to Department of Corrections.

Q: If I turn myself in for a warrant or commitment how long will it take to be processed?

A: Booking or release processing times vary. We strive to process everyone as soon as possible.

Q: Where do I find a bondsman?

A: Check your local phone book or you can visit http://apbblb.comcastbiz.net/update/Crittenden.pdf

Q: I need some information on someone who was in jail but has been released, who do I need to contact?

A: Detainee records are handled by the Records Department and you can contact them at 870-702-2055 between the hours of 09:30 am and 04:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

Q:  How can an Inmate Call Home

A:  Inmates have to call collect.  In order to do this the Family will need to set up an account with City Telecoin at 1-800-682-0707.