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Chief Deputy Trammell

Chief Deputy Trammell


The Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Division is overseen by Chief Deputy Tommy Trammel and Office Manager Ginger House.  The Divisions oversees all clerical and record keeping functions related to operations.   The Administrative Division staff conducts Circuit Court fine collections as well as disbursements of restitution payments to crime victims, and make monthly settlements with the Circuit Court, District Court, and County Treasurer for all monies received.  The Division is staffed by Amy Peyton who is in charge of collections of Circuit Court fines, Raina Franks who is the administrative assistant to Ginger House, and Rachel Nagy who handles all accounts payable and is the County purchasing agent for the Sheriff’s Department.

In the last 12 months, the Administrative Division has collected a total of $ 1.389 million in Fines, Fees, Bonds, and restitution payments.

Crittenden Sheriff's Office Administrative Staff

Raina, Amy
Ginger, Rachel